Cellulosed paper

SDC Type
The SDC type filtering cartridge consists of a layer of folded cellulosed paper.
puce a perforated internal cage provides rigidity and support.
Everything is glued with polyurethane into stainless steel cups at both ends. 
puce the SDC type 10/05 cartridge is made using moulded end pieces.

CDO Type
The SDO type oil removing cartridge (separation by coalescence) provides several levels of filtration :
puce a multi-layered central filtration medium that consists of two thicknesses of folded fibre glass paper sandwiched between two layers of cellulosed paper.
puce a pre-filter then an anti recycling separation at the end are provided by two separate sleeves in polyester felt that is wound around the central filtration media.  
puce perforated internal and external cages provide rigidity and hold the unit together and are glued at both ends with polyurethane into two stainless steel shells.
puce the SDO type 10/05 cartridge is made using moulded end pieces.

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